Recipes Education Center

  • Cooking EDEN Dry Beans from scratch is quite easy, and well worth it. A great comfort from their enticing aroma and a rich, deliciousness warms us as a pot of beans or bean soup is cooked and enjoyed. A kitchen tested recipe is on the back of each box of EDEN Dry Beans.

  • Maki-sushi, Nori-maki, and Nori Roll are some names for vinegary rice rolled up in sheets of Nori sea vegetable with various cooked or raw fillings. Sushi requires a little initial practice, but it truly is easy. Here are some basic tips to get you rolling. Be creative; variations are endless.

  • Here are several simple cooking suggestions, from our kitchen to yours, that we hope will be helpful and useful when preparing meals. Choosing the best quality ingredients, proper cleaning and storage of both uncooked and cooked food items are practical tips that we feel are essential in creating the most delicious and nutritious meals for you, your family and friends.

  • Aquafaba is the cooking liquid or brine in a can of garbanzo beans or chickpeas. The word aquafaba comes from the Latin aqua or water, and faba or bean. When whipped, this liquid mimics whipped egg whites for use in cooking and baking. When whisked, it froths for use as a binder or egg replacement for cakes, muffins, and pancakes. In many recipes, it can be used as a whole egg replacement.

EDEN Home Beauty Recipes

An assortment of natural home beauty recipes you can make with everyday food ingredients and essential oils from East and West. They can be used to heal, improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, to help relieve stress, or to change your mood.

Developed following traditional aromatherapy guidelines, Eden offers these soothing and simple formulas for your enjoyment. Recipes similar to these have been used for hundreds of years to help stimulate inner energy and outer beauty.

Please follow the guidelines for each recipe and read the Home Beauty Recipes Disclaimer and instructions for Selecting & Handling Essential Oils before using.