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Organic Tomatoes Photo Essay

Organic EDEN Tomatoes are the flavorful Roma variety grown on a 800+ acre family farm located on the southern edge of Ontario, Canada in the Thames River Delta. The tomatoes are grown in mineral rich organic soil, carefully tended, harvested and expertly cooked.
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Why Your Supermarket Only Sells 5 Kinds of Apples

Today, thousands of unique apples have been lost, while a mere handful dominate the market. Read one man's quest to bring hundreds more back.
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Buyer Be Warned: Toxic PVC Labeled BPA Free

Just when you thought you had learned everything there was to know about avoiding Bisphenol-A (BPA), new research shows that there are more hormone-disrupting chemicals around you than you probably thought. In answer to consumers’ demands to drop BPA from products, many manufacturers have simply switched to using different, but potentially more toxic chemicals.
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Can Millet Take On Quinoa?

Millet is already eaten widely across Asia and Africa, but only in small pockets in North America.
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Maximum Flavor and Nutrients

   EDEN tomatoes are fresh packed, vine ripened Roma tomatoes, organically grown on 800+ acres of a third generation Midwestern family farm with rich, organically tended vital soil. Harvested perfectly red ripe, organic EDEN tomatoes travel just 45 miles to be washed, hand sorted, cooked, and packed within hours of harvest for maximum nutrients, flavor, and aroma.
   Roma, aka Italian plum, are the choice tomato of Italian cuisine. The red variety is by far the highest in antioxidant lycopene content. These oval tomatoes are preferred for their deeper color, lower acidity, and sweet, rich flavor. With fewer seeds and firmer fruit, they are ideal for canning and making exceptional thick sauces.

Red Ripe SuperlativeRoma Harvest

   In 1974 the U.S. Department of Agriculture polled people about the declining quality of uncooked food. The largest number of complaints received were about the disappearing flavor and toughness of tomatoes. The same year, William Robins wrote in The American Food Scandal, “Our tomatoes have become hard, grainy, and tasteless because governmental researchers, serving agribusiness rather than the consumer, breed them for toughness rather than quality … they will be lined up on the counter, having shipped across country, while nearby farmers may have vines heavy with tomatoes that are juicy and rich in vitamins.”
   Commercial tomatoes are bred for high yields and cosmetic toughness with little, if any, regard for the taste factor. To offset rough handling and long distance shipping, tomatoes are picked while still green and stored in an atmosphere of ethylene gas. In canned and jarred commercial tomatoes, copious amounts of refined salt and sugar are added to mask the inferior, bland flavor of the ethylene gas ripened industrial, commercial tomatoes.
   Artificially ripened tomatoes can never reach their full flavor or maximum nutrition potential like vine ripened tomatoes do. Taking this a step further, even the flavor and texture of commercial vine ripened tomatoes pales in comparison to organically grown vine ripened tomatoes, and organic EDEN tomatoes are the cream of the crop.

Why Glass?

   The driving force at Eden for Amber Glass packaging for tomatoes was the avoidance of bisphenol-A (BPA) in high acid food cans, and failure of the can manufacturers to make BPA and PVC free cans for tomatoes. We expanded our offering of organic tomatoes with five kinds of BPA free 25 oz. and 14 oz. amber glass jars of EDEN crushed tomatoes and sauces. They are the first and only tomatoes in the U.S.A. offered in amber glass that protects flavor and nutrients from light damage. Light damages nutrients, color, and flavor by causing chemical change. Photo-oxidation light damage is systemic in food stores where fluorescent lighting in particular, reduces food quality. Amber glass is difficult to get and more costly, but it best protects food.

Purity and Satisfaction

   Organic EDEN sauces, diced tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes are made from fresh, unpeeled tomatoes for absolutely the best taste and most nutrients. Organic EDEN whole tomatoes have their skins removed with hot water and brushing instead of the commonly used lye or other caustic chemicals. Organic EDEN sauces are made with a bit of organic Spanish extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with a fine EDEN sea salt and 100% organic herbs and organic spices. Organic EDEN diced and crushed tomatoes are made with no salt added. All are free of GMO derived citric acid, calcium chloride, and preservatives, with all ingredients dutifully declared. EDEN organic tomatoes are a wise choice for superior value, purity, and satisfaction. kosher

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Avocado Salsa

Serves  8  |  Prep Time  10 minutes  |  Cook Time  0 minutes

Avocado Salsa

• 1 avocado, seeded, peeled and sliced into chunks
• 28 ounces Organic EDEN Whole Tomatoes w/ Basil,
   drained and chopped
• 1 cup Organic EDEN Black Beans, rinsed and drained
• 1 whole fresh tomato, diced
• 1/4 cup red onions, finely diced
• 1 Tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed
• 1 Tbsp Organic EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar
   or EDEN Red Wine Vinegar
• 2 tsp organic maple syrup, optional
• 1 clove garlic, finely minced
• 1/4 tsp ground cumin
• 1/4 tsp ground coriander
• 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
   or fresh cilantro
• 1/4 tsp EDEN Sea Salt
• 1 tsp hot sauce, or to taste

   Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir well. Serve with any EDEN Chips or Crackers or with any warm Organic EDEN Refried Beans.

Nutritional Info  
Per serving: 50 Calories, 4g Fat (63% calories from fat), 1g Protein, 4g Carbohydrate, 2g Fiber, 0mg Cholesterol, 67mg Sodium

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