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Organic Cranberries Photo Essay

EDEN Organic Cranberries are a native American variety Vaccinium macrocarpon organically grown on family owned cranberry bogs in Québec, Canada. Ours are wet harvested, considered by some to be the best way to harvest cranberries.
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The Plight of the Honeybee

You can thank the Apis mellifera, better known as the Western honeybee, for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls you'll eat today. Honeybees — which pollinate crops like apples, blueberries and cucumbers — are the "glue that holds our agricultural system together."
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Tell the FDA: GMOs Aren't Natural

Angry consumers who have learned about the dangers of genetic engineering are suing so-called "natural" brands that have been hiding GMOs in their favorite foods. In an effort to stall the lawsuits, defense lawyers have convinced at least one judge that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), not the courts, should decide whether GMOs are "natural".
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This brain-harming pesticide has got to go

While EPA moves at a snail's pace, children everywhere continue to be exposed to chlorpyrifos residues in their food, air and water.
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Full Planet, Empty Plates Recommended Reading

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Lifestyle Adjustment

    New school year activities and schedules affect most of us in some way. These annual social pattern and timing changes commonly give rise to desires to improve upon the food we choose after the carefree summer. Intelligent breakfasts, school Granola Biteslunches, and meals become a challenge for many of us. We know these meals are important. Tasty, easy, and nutritious are what is called for, and doing so wisely is a great opportunity to improve 'quality of life'.
   A mighty decline in the quality and purity of commercial food has made it extremely necessary to know how to choose food more wisely. EDEN foods make this quite easy.
   Empowering, protective, and bracing breakfasts and lunches are sage, whether you're headed to school, work, relaxing, or doing chores. Modern convenience foods deplete energy and undermine long-term health with their toxins, sugar, deleterious fats, etc. A hearty breakfast or lunch has to be quick and easy to pull together, and with a little planning this is easy to do with good food.
   There is no better way to get ready to prepare good breakfasts and lunches than to keep the pantry stocked with organic EDEN Flakes, EDENSOY® Soymilk, EDEN Chilies, and EDEN Snacks. They are healthy staples, and easy to share and enjoy.

Sustaining Bracing Energy

   EDEN Flakes are 100% whole organic grain from North American family farms. • short grain Brown RiceKamut® Khorasan wheatSpelt wheatRye and • Oats. These flakes are gas-fire roasted and rolled into versatile, quick cooking flakes that are ready as hot cereal in 3 to 5 minutes. Use them to make hot or cold cereal, granola, muesli, quick salads, creamy soups, and in baked goods like cookies, muffins, piecrusts, and breads. Combine different flakes for new, delicious flavor and enhanced nutrition. Eden maintains the integrity of all their nutrients in the endosperm, germ, and bran. Whole grain helps the body burn 25% more calories, and delivers long-lasting energy to keep you going strong.

Rated #1, EDENSOY Soymilk - Non GMO

   All seven varieties of organic EDENSOY: OriginalVanillaChocolateCarobUnsweetenedOriginal Extra and • Vanilla Extra provide balanced whole soy protein, healthy essential fatty acids, and high-energy complex carbohydrates. Use EDENSOY on cereal, for smoothies, freeze pops, creamy soups, sauces, gravies, breads, pastries, creamy puddings and other desserts. They store in your pantry and only need refrigeration after being opened.
   EDENSOY is 100% U.S.A. family farm organic soybeans. Its soy protein is from whole beans with all eighteen essential and non-essential amino acids, not from soy isolate used in many soymilks. Only gentle, unrefined sweeteners are used – organic malted barley and organic wheat extract or organic maple syrup. Original EDENSOY Extra and Vanilla EDENSOY Extra are fortified with the finest vegan quality vitamins and minerals.
   EDENSOY is the first soymilk to be verified Non-GMO. Eden Foods achieved the highest score and the top rating in the Organic Soy Scorecard. Read the important report at: www.cornucopia.org/soysurvey

Hearty, Handy, and Versatile

   EDEN Snacks are truly good food, enjoyable and beneficial for you. They are the most tasty and pure nuts, seeds, and dried fruit that we can find. Reclosable 4 ounce pouches or 1 ounce EDEN Pocket Snacks are easy to keep at hand – on the go, at school, work, or home – and they are great on salads, grains, pastas, porridge, and as garnish on soups and stews. Include them in making desserts, pastries, breads, granola, muesli, popcorn balls, and wherever imagination leads. There are nine pure, delicious, versatile, and handy snacks: Dried Wild Blueberries, Cranberries, and Montmorency tart Cherries; roasted – Tamari Almonds, Pistachios, Pumpkin Seeds, and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds; plus the nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes – Wild Berry Mix and Quiet Moon. They contain only the finest organic and transitional-to-organic ingredients, and where used, only non-irradiated organic seasonings. All are low to very low sodium and low fat to fat free. No refined sugars or chemical additives. No refined oil, trans-fats, or sulfites. Gluten free and .

Quick, Satisfying Meal

   EDEN Whole Grain & Bean Chili is extremely handy. When you and/or they are hungry, no time to cook, don't want junk, and can't get to a prepared food source – a superb move is opening a can of EDEN Chili. It is the best whole grain and bean food Eden can find, properly prepared for your convenience, thoroughly cooked, wonderfully flavored, and it comes in four equally satisfying recipes. • Black Bean & QuinoaPinto Bean & SpeltGreat Northern Bean & BarleyKidney Bean & Kamut • all in BPA Free, 14 and 29 ounce cans.

Special - Website Store OfferSpecial Offer Products

   Receive 20% off 4 oz Dried Blueberries, 4 oz Dried Cherries, 4 oz Dried Cranberries, 1 lb Dried Cranberries, or 1 lb Dried Blueberries. Enter the coupon code “DRIEDFRUIT” when prompted during checkout. Please extend this offer to friends and family.

Offer expires October 31, 2013.


Serves  10  |  Prep Time  1 hour  |  Cook Time 5 minutes


• 3 Tbsp organic honey
• 3 Tbsp organic maple syrup
• 1/4 cup EDEN Organic Sesame Oil
• 1/2 tsp EDEN Sea Salt
• 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
• 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
• 3 cups EDEN Organic Kamut Flakes
   or any EDEN Organic Whole Grain Flakes
• 4 ounces EDEN Organic Dried Cranberries
   or EDEN Organic Dried Wild Blueberries
• 4 ounce EDEN Organic Wild Berry Mix

   Mix the first six ingredients together. Place the flakes in a mixing bowl and pour mix over. Stir to combine. Preheat oven to 325°. Spread flake evenly on a large cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes, stirring and spreading every 7 minutes. Remove from the oven and place in a mixing bowl. Add the dried fruit and snack mix, and mix thoroughly. Allow to cool completely before placing in a tightly sealed glass jar or air tight container. Makes 5 cups; recipe can be doubled or tripled if desired.

Nutritional Info  
Per serving: 293 Calories, 11g Fat (1% calories from fat), 8g Protein, 42g Carbohydrate, 5g Fiber, 0mg Cholesterol, 126mg Sodium

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