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Nestlé and Mead Johnson Nutrition dismiss call to remove GMOs from US infant formula

Nestlé USA and Mead Johnson Nutrition have dismissed calls to remove genetically-modified organisms (GMO) from their infant formula products in the US – citing the approved use of GMOs by several national and global regulatory bodies.
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Don’t Worry: GE Labeling Will Not Cause World Hunger

The pesticide and biotech industry players would like us to believe that if we adopt genetically engineered (GE) labeling in the United States, developing countries will import fewer GE seeds. This, they claim, would lead to increased world hunger.
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Taxpayer Dollars Are Helping Monsanto Sell Seeds Abroad

The US State Department has been acting as a de facto global-marketing arm of the ag-biotech industry.
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Integrating Eastern and Western Wisdom Could Hold the Keys to a More Sustainable World

By integrating the wisdom of the East and the West, there is potential to co-create a new paradigm for the world.
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Battle to save the bees rages across US

Agriculturists and scientists are trying to reverse a dramatic decline in bee colonies that threatens agricultural production.
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Brief Organic Gomasio Photo Essay

Gomasio is traditional sesame salt used for centuries in Japan. When hot sesame is ground with salt the seed's oil coats and melts the salt, melding and mellowing it for full flavor with less salt consumption.
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Condiments Advantage Flavor & Health

   Condiments season, enrich, and bring out the nature of food. They prepare food aesthetically while enhancing flavor. Some, like salt, mirin, and shoyu, are also cooking ingredients. Others are added after preparation as embellishments. Condiments are used in small quantities and their nutritional contribution can be small, nevertheless their phytonutrient and chief component Baked Potato with Dulse Flakesefficacy can be of very large importance.
   A condiment can stimulate or soothe the appetite and senses with a range of effects and flavors - spicy, tangy, sweet, bitter, pungent, savory, and salty. They complement certain foods, balance, and add flavor depth and overall satisfaction. Condiments like mustard also act as digestive aids, especially for oily and fatty foods. They all provide antioxidant polyphenols that benefit the user in multiple ways.
   EDEN condiments are superlative traditional foods. Commercial condiments are replacements of their traditional food origins. They are high in bad fat, harsh salts, refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup, petrochemical vinegars, preservatives, chemical industry natural flavors, colors, and genetically engineered enzymes.

Versatile VarietyEDEN Shake

   Looking through the EDEN catalog, there are at least thirty-four different EDEN Condiments in it, all traditional and traditionally made to enhance your well-being and eating enjoyment. ‘Variety is the spice of life,’ and EDEN Condiments are a quick and easy way to provide happy and beneficial pleasure.

   EDEN Brown Mustard and EDEN Yellow Mustard – stone milled Saskatchewan high plains whole organic brown or yellow mustard seed with raw organic EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar and EDEN Sea Salt. The Yellow Mustard has added organic turmeric, organic paprika, and organic garlic.

   EDEN Gomasio - five varieties of sesame salt • Plain • Black • Black & Tan • Garlic and • Seaweed. These rich, flavorful, low sodium condiments are sprinkled on just about any food. They are crafted from organic dry roasted sesame seeds and oven roasted EDEN Sea Salt.

   EDEN Shake - aka furikake, is traditionally made in Japan of roasted tan and black sesame seed, nori sea vegetable flakes, and pickled red shiso (beefsteak) leaves. This historic favorite is a fun way to enjoy the benefits of sesame, nori, and shiso. It seems to be good on everything and is very low sodium.

   EDEN French Sea Salt & EDEN Portuguese Sea Salt – the essential condiment and seasoning. Hand harvested from environmentally protected salt marches. Smooth mellow flavor with a wealth of trace minerals.

   EDEN Sauerkraut – grown and made the old-world way from hand harvested organic cabbage and EDEN Sea Salt. Delicious mouthwatering flavor. Please try the Sauerkraut Guacamole recipe.

   EDEN Dulse Flakes – certified organic, wild, hand harvested crimson sea vegetable, sun and sea breeze dried, and prepared into small flakes. Big, very low sodium flavor.

   EDEN Tekka – a rich condiment made from minced carrot, burdock root, and lotus root slowly cooked with sesame oil, hacho miso, and ginger root. Energizing and flavorful. Low sodium.

   EDEN Shiso Leaf Powder – a tangy sprinkle of red shiso (beefsteak) leaves, pickled, sun-dried, and ground to a powder. Eminently versatile. Low sodium.

   EDEN Umeboshi Plums & EDEN Umeboshi Paste – Ume plums pickled with sea salt and red shiso leaf that imparts a natural rosy color. Replaces butter and salt for the best corn-on-the-cob. Paste is pureed, pitted, pickled ume plum.

   EDEN Wasabi Powder – Japanese horseradish valued for its fiery flavor and efficacy. It’s essential to sushi. Adds zing to salad dressings, dips, spreads, or wherever used.

   EDEN Bonito Flakes – fine, sashimi grade skipjack mackerel skillfully prepared using a 500 year-old method. Crumble and sprinkle these delicate flakes on grains and noodles. They are considered essential to traditional noodle broth, and used wherever savory flavor is desired.

   EDEN Vinegar – four traditionally crafted and patiently aged vinegars • Apple Cider • Red Wine • Brown Rice, and the treasured umeboshi brine • Ume Vinegar. Organic, raw, and unpasteurized.

   EDEN Soy Sauces, Mirin, and Ponzu Sauce – work wonders in cooking, seasoning, and marinating. Shoyu and Mirin are the right and left hands of Japanese cuisine. Ponzu harmonizes with its melody of five flavors. Verified Non-GMO soybeans. Gluten Free and Wheat Free offerings.

A few other notable EDEN Condiments are • Natto MisoHot Pepper Sesame OilOlive Oil and • Nori.

   A variety of EDEN Condiments in your pantry is wise and utilitarian. Use them in cooking and at the table for tasty and satisfying dishes. Pour, sprinkle, dab, drizzle, or slather EDEN Condiments on grains, pasta, salad, vegetables, and burgers, or use them in making soups and stews, dressings, dips, and sauces. For various ways of using them please visit: edenfoods.com for over 1,100 free recipes. EDEN pure and purifying condiments are guaranteed to please. pareve.

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Sesame Rice Balls – Onigiri

Serves  4  |  Prep Time  10 minutes

Sesame Rice Balls – Onigiri

• 2 cups cooked organic short grain brown rice
• 1/4 cup EDEN Shake or any EDEN Gomasio
• 4 tsp EDEN Pickled Ginger Slices, rinsed
• 1/2 cup water, for dipping fingers

   Dip your fingers into a small bowl of water. Take 1/4 cup cooked rice and form into a tightly packed ball. Poke your finger into the center of the ball and insert a piece of pickled ginger. Close the hole by packing the ball firmly again. Roll the ball in EDEN Shake or any EDEN Gomasio until completely coated. Repeat the process until all ingredients are used. Makes 8 small rice balls. Eat as you would an apple. Great for lunch, travel food, picnics, or just a great snack anytime. An easy and delicious way to use up leftover grain!

Nutritional Info  
Per serving: 120 Calories, 1g Fat (17% calories from fat), 2g Protein, 20g Carbohydrate, 8g Fiber,0mg Cholesterol, 264mg Sodium

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