Grape Juice May Boost Memory
in Elderly

Daily consumption of Concord grape juice may enhance memory in older people with mild impairment in the brain function, says a new study from the US.
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Quinoa and Buckwheat Top Nutrition Tables for Gluten-Free

The polyphenol content of quinoa and buckwheat flours may enhance the nutritional profile of gluten-free formulations, and may be a better option than amaranth, says a new study.
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Scientists Confirm Link Between BPA and Heart Disease in Humans

"A quarter of the population with the highest levels of BPA were more than twice as likely to report having heart disease or diabetes, compared to the quarter with the lowest BPA levels. They also found that higher BPA levels were associated with clinically abnormal liver enzyme concentrations."
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Go Grocery Shopping with Alicia Silverstone

When Alicia Silverstone went vegan, she was afraid she'd never have a good meal again. Now, she's found endless tasty and healthy foods. Tag along on a trip to the grocery store to see the many ways you can begin to incorporate natural and unprocessed food into your diet.
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Vitamin D Levels Not Enough
For Winter

Current recommended intake for vitamin D during winter months and need to be at increased by five, says a new study from California.
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Green Tea Antioxidants More Bioavailable Than Thought?

The bioavailability of antioxidant catechins from green tea may be more than previously thought, says a new study from Italy.
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Pure Fresh Pressed

EDEN Organic Concord Grape Juice is pure, fresh pressed 100% juice from Concord grapes grown on a twenty-year organic family vineyard on the shore of New York's Keuka Finger Lake. Its microclimate creates conditions where grapes flourish on gently sloping hills, in well drained glacial sandy loam soil, and hot summers with abundant water. Organic Concord GrapesOur Concord grape grower has cultivated these grapes since 1971 on 100-year-old vines; organically, since the late 1980s. In 1999 the formal process for organic certification was begun, and the vineyard was certified organic in 2002.

Champion Grape

The Concord grape is named after Concord, Massachusetts where in 1849 Mr. Ephraim Wales Bull crossed native American fox grapes Vitis labrusca, with European stocks Vitis vinifera, and Catawba, a red-blue cross of V. labrusca and V. vinifera. After evaluating more than 22,000 attempts Mr. Bull chose the Concord grape for taste and its ability to thrive in New England's cold. It won first place at the 1853 Boston Horticultural Society Exhibition.

Complexly Sweet, Minimally Tart

Grapes are harvested mid-October and fresh pressed at a nearby sixth generation, certified organic pressing facility on the shore of Seneca Lake. Lightly filtered with no enzymes, additives, or water added, it is bottled in amber glass to protect its flavor, phytonutrients, and valuable color. Sixteen Brix. Brix is the measure of natural sugars in foods. Refreshing and rejuvenating this juice is minimally tart and complexly sweet. It is unlike other Concord grape juice. Shake well before serving and refrigerate after opening.

#1 in Antioxidant Benefit

Concord grape juice was recently ranked number-one in antioxidant benefit out of more than 1,000 foods tested. The Concord was found to be especially rich in beneficial proanthocyanidin flavonoids and further research revealed Concord grape juice as more beneficial than fresh grapes or red wine. Most of Concord's flavonoids are in its dark purple skin and seeds. EDEN Organic Concord Grape Juice is made from whole fresh pressed Concord grapes delivering complete antioxidant benefit.


Eden Organic Concord Grape Juice

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Grape Juice Kanten

Serves 4 |  Prep. Time 1 hour 20 minutes |  Cook Time 10 minutes

Grape Juice Kanten

• 2 cups EDEN Organic Concord Grape Juice
• 2 TBSP EDEN Agar Agar Flakes
• 1 pinch EDEN Sea Salt

Place all ingredients in a small saucepan and bring almost to a boil, stirring frequently. Reduce the flame to medium and stir constantly until the flakes have dissolved, about 10 minutes. Pour the juice into small dessert cups or a shallow bowl. Refrigerate until gelled, about 1 hour.

Nutritional Info Per serving
80 Calories, 0g Fat (0% calories from fat), 0g Protein, 20g Carbohydrate, 1g Fiber, 0mg Cholesterol, 52mg Sodium

Good Food Good Reason
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